Travel Guide


Look one: Newsboy Cap, Nordstrom, $29.50, Topman Tiki Man L/S Shirt, Nordstrom, $60.00, Cowhide Racer, Leather Coat, Co-Star, $520.00, Morgan Stretch Skinny black jeans, Nordstrom, $60.00, McTavish black wingtip shoes, Nordstrom, $295.00, Ernest Alexander Bedford Wax Overnight Bag, Co-Star, $395.00

Look two: Sanford Hutton Round School w/Clear Glasses, Service Menswear, $125.00, Gray Trouser Pants w/ belt, Zara, $79.90, L/S Plaid Shirt, Zara, $49.90, Tan Trench Raincoat, Zara, $129.00, Antonio Taupe Wingtip Shoes, Nordstrom, $325.00, Mellor Black Saddle Watch, Co-Star, $138.00, Ralph Lauren “Waxed Twill Commuter Bag”, Nordstrom, $298.00

Look three: Topman Red Ronald Ikat Shirt, Nordstrom $54.00, Turtle Dove Skinny Chino pants, Nordstrom, $60.00, Santoni Loafers, Nordstrom, $685.00, Trotman Fedora, Nordstrom, $64.90, Mellor Black Saddle Watch, Co-Star, $138.00

Look four: Hugo Boss Ryan/Win Suit, Nordstrom, $995.00, McTavish black wingtip shoes, Nordstrom, $295.00, Striped/White Collar Shirt, Zara, $59.90, Clover Bowtie, Service Menswear, $75.00, Hat, Nordstrom, $29.50, Belt, Nordstrom, $69.50

Bottom half, from left to right: Lavender plaid tie, Nordstrom, $65.00, Oil Tan Leather Dopkit, Service Menswear, $135.00, Mellor Black Saddle Watch, Co-Star, $138.00, WeSC unisex wallet, Co-Star, $59.00, WeSC desi unisex leather wallet, Co-Star, $36, Sanford Hutton Round School w/Clear Glasses, Service Menswear, $125.00, Mozambique Caramel Tortoise Aframes, Service Menswear, $160..00, JZ Richards green paisley pocket square, Nordstrom, $39.50, JZ Richards red paisley pocket

Top half, from left to right: Topman chambray stripe tie, Nordstrom, $20.00, Vermentine dot bowtie, Nordstrom, $39.50, Clover bowtie, Service Menswear, $75.00, JZ Richards coral tie, Nordstrom, $69.50, Square, Nordstrom, $39.00, Silk Salia twill pink pocket square, Nordstrom, $19.50