Tegan Quin


I had the opportunity to talk to catch up with Tegan Quin (of Tegan and Sara fame) via email. She and her twin released their latest album, Heartthrob, in January of this year. The duo will be performing in Austin on September 13 performing at Stubb's.

You guys have really taken off, especially with the release of your latest album, Heartthrob. How does it feel? Is it real for you both yet?

It’s been a great ride so far. Heartthrob is our attempt at broadening our fan base. We wanted to reach new people. Our greatest fear as artists and as business people was to plateau, not just in sales but also as writers. Both of us were very interested in challenging ourselves to write bigger, bolder, braver songs with this record. We wanted to shock people. It would have disappointed us to put out a record people expected us to put out. So we’re thrilled people are embracing it. We’re having a great time with it out on the road!

Was there a moment where you realized how big of a deal Closer was? Was it a goal to make the top 40 charts, or was it a goal to break the mold and make a new sound?

I think from demo form Closer was obviously a “first listen” song. People just gravitated towards it from day one. I think it bridges our pop roots and our indie rock roots well. There is an intensity in the song that still allows for people who like “deeper” music to connect with it. But it also allows our fans to just have some fun. We like romance (obviously) as love addicts. So it’s nice for our band to show off our other side. Our band has consistently written about heart break. It was nice to put out a few songs that reflected the other side of love.

Everyone and their mom has been sharing the video of you two performing with Macklemore at Osheaga. Will you tell me a little bit about how you guys got connected? How was that experience for you?

We met the guys at a few festivals over the past year. We know their management. We’re big fans. They appear to be big fans too. The request to come up and sing in Montreal was very exciting for us. The song is beautiful and they are great allies!

How does it feel to be a part of this progressive movement towards acceptance in the U.S.? Do you see yourselves as a part of that movement?

We have been outspoken about marriage equality and LGBT rights our entire career. So we definitely see ourselves as part of the movement. And we feel great about the changes happening.