St. Edward’s University


Erica Nix cries almost every weekend. But as the artist and photographer behind Austin Queer Weddings, she has the happiest possible reasons for tears. Erica...


Picture this: shelves and tables lined with containers, all of which are filled to the brim with beads and baubles and trinkets. Multiply that...


Megan Tillman, AKA Megz Kelli, is coming from a place of love. A member of fresh-faced Austin hip-hop group Magna Carda, Kelli has already...


Alexandra Barron—Alex, for short—is arguably one of St. Edward’s best kept secrets. Many students scramble to get into her courses during their time at...


When Machin McHargue returned to the U.S. from an eight-month deployment as a trauma room medic at a hospital in Mosul, Iraq, in the...


“I don’t believe in titles, I believe in work.” This statement,
in response to a
question about his
 official title, neatly encapsulates 
Armando Zambrano’s abiding 
philosophy of...

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