Guadarrama, a Cedar Park native, is playing with the New York Ramblers, with whom he began playing eight years ago while studying at the...


Our bodies are truly awe-inspiring. Whether you’re a disciplined triathlete, someone who visits the gym semi regularly, a flexible yogi, or the type of...


Ivan Davila was only 15 when his family moved to Houston from Monterrey, Mexico, but the experiences and struggles that shaped their adjustment to...


What is it about soccer players – that je ne sais quoi? They are almost always cute, if not plain sexy! Soccer is a...

Austin Gold Stars


Scott Rhode of Austin Gold Stars is nothing if not determined. When, in 2002, the government major decided he wanted to get involved in...


Today’s spin
class is very different than the days
when you tooled around on a stationary bike thumbing
 through a magazine or watching TV. Now you’re...

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