July/August 2008


Acid is a four-letter word, and I wish more people would use it. Wines need it, food needs it, music needs it and people...


A growing number of people are investing to achieve change – change in the future of their communities, the environment and the world. As...


Since dog-dog play is similar to serious activities such as hunting, fighting and reproducing, dogs have ritualistic ways of demonstrating that their intentions are...


Imagine a day at the park without man’s best friend, or a Sunday morning spent reading the paper without your furry feline companion curled...


They say dogs are man’s best friend. But what does that really mean? What makes someone a friend? Is it that they care for...


Pure Austin is the indoor gym for outdoor people. I am (obviously) a huge proponent of what indoor training can do for your long-term...


A week in the
life of a Ballet 
Austin company 
dancer: Wake 
early for morn
ing workout at
gym. Arrive at
 studio for daily 
half ballet


A lot has changed since the inception of Ballet Austin more than 50 years ago when dancers with the then Austin Ballet Society first...

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