Ballet Austin

Photography by Michael Thad Carter


“I’d like to see a time when more of our artists are full-time working artists and not sort of cobbling things together in various...


Michael Raiford is a rarity. Deeply passionate about his work in the arts, devoted in the most endearing way to the love of his...


On the morning of August 1, 1966, Forrest Preece was riding high. A  young undergrad at UT, he played sax in the Longhorn Band...


Individually and as a couple, Carol and Chris Adams have become important players in the Austin nonprofit scene through the years. Carol spent decades...


Picture it: Middle-aged white man – thin and pasty with a certain nerdy-accountant visage – on stage singing Lionel Richie hits – the “Back...


Dana Friis-Hansen isn’t a big fan of comparisons. Sure he’s heard the criticism before, how Austin’s arts scene falls short of those in Dallas...


A week in the
life of a Ballet 
Austin company 
dancer: Wake 
early for morn
ing workout at
gym. Arrive at
 studio for daily 
half ballet


A lot has changed since the inception of Ballet Austin more than 50 years ago when dancers with the then Austin Ballet Society first...

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