Straight Girl at Gay Wedding


It’s the newest thing of the century. It’s a landmark decision. It’s a bright day in a dark world. We’re talking about the gay wedding. Full marriage equality.

I am lucky enough to have had many gay, lesbian and transgender friends throughout life. They have been some of my best friends. A great shoulder to cry on. An awesome time spent at clubs and breakfast.

One of my favorite days however was the day my lesbian cousin asked how I planned my outdoor wedding. So exciting for her and her girlfriend of 10 years. I gave her all the info I could in hopes I could help inspire their gay wedding.

This was over a year ago. They would not be allowed to legally marry in their state. But they wanted to do a ceremony and party there then go to another state to make it legal.

All year I told her no matter what I would be there. She’s one of my favorite cousins who makes me laugh so hard I want to pee myself. Her girlfriend is so nice and cares for her so much. In my mind it was going to be the wedding of the year.

Then came S.C.O.T.U.S. What a proud moment for the LGBT community. As a straight, married girl I was still happy to see this. It doesn’t offend me for two people in love to get married. I believe everyone has the right to be happy with anyone they choose. I believe the fight for marriage equality was not a religious based fight. But it was a fight for the same rights we heterosexuals have. It was a fight to have the same insurance policies, make medical decisions for your loved one, and to be equal in the eyes of the state as a married couple.

As I read my cousins Facebook post about the decision, I cried. She was sobbing because of what this meant for her and her girlfriend. She was overjoyed to have the right to legally marry anywhere.

So, in July as promised, I was there watching them get married. It was beautiful watching them try to hold back tears as they said their vows. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. It was definitely a wonderful, historic day in our family and I loved every moment of it.