Sexual Stereotyping In The Gay Community


Sexual stereotyping has a profound influence on our society. Prejudicial arrogance is upsetting. Most stereotyping comes from ignorance. Even though many are open-minded in their beliefs and attitudes these days, many of our actions are still predisposed by fallacies passed down through the ages.

We learn harmful superiorities early on by witnessing the conventional roles that our families adopt. As we age, we develop attitudes strengthened by our colleagues and peers. The media exaggerates sexual labels, and in the gay community, there are numerous classifications that are not accurate.

For men in a homosexual union, the misconception is that one must take on the feminine role, and one male in a gay union has the masculine role. There is no requirement to have a female role in a relationship. Both men are free to embrace masculinity. A fallacy in the lesbian community is that all women are considered a “butch.” There are many lesbians who like makeup, love having their hair done, and wearing the color pink. Just because they choose to love a woman, rather than a man, does not make them masculine.

On television, gay men are often displayed as whiney, cranky and having a particular “talk” or lisp that is feminine in nature. That only represents a small portion of the community. Gay people are as diverse as the heterosexual population. To think that being gay makes you act and talk a specific way is foolish. Marriage equality is free for all, but how long will it take to stop the sexual stereotyping?