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To celebrate Pride, we're looking back on our proudest LGBT moments.

What better way to celebrate Pride week than to take a look back on L Style G Style stories that highlight some of the proudest moments in our LGBT community? These stories aren’t just about people, but their journeys and the sense of pride they’ve carried with them in hopes of helping and inspiring others. Here are some of the Pride stories that we’ve chronicled over the years.

Photo courtesy of Benny VandenAvond

Transforming Austin Pride

Pride is often likened to gay Christmas—one big event that you’ve waited all year long to celebrate. In that case, Austin PRIDE may be more like gay Hanukkah, because it’s an entire week-long celebration and you get a really cool present every single day. Austin PRIDE would not be nearly as big or as fun if the Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation (AGLPF) wasn’t involved…. READ MORE



Image provided by Amanda Guilbeau and Kristen Klein

From Pride Fest to Couch Potato

Amanda Guilbeau and Kristen Klein have a solid decade of love and life experiences under their belts. They moved back to Austin, the city where they met, after spending five years in San Diego and have started a business together.Their clever idea—delivery meets the best guilty pleasures of your favorite convenient store—is where these two are pouring all their energy… READ MORE



Photography by Michael Thad Carter

Pride and Patronage

Chad Peevy  is vocal about the fact that queer money talks. as president of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (AGLCC), Peevy  is at the helm of an organization that’s building awareness of the power of voting with dollars… READ MORE



Photo from Pride Socks Facebook page

A Sense of Pride

Socks are more than just an ordinary article of clothing for Rachel Smith. Growing up in a household of seven with few resources, she didn’t know what it meant to have her own pair of matching socks. She also didn’t know what it meant to feel a sense of pride in herself….READ MORE


Photography by Michael Thad Carter

Photography by Michael Thad Carter

Proud to Serve

When Machin McHargue returned to the U.S. from an eight-month deployment as a trauma room medic at a hospital in Mosul, Iraq, in the midst of that country’s chaos and sectarian reprisals leading up to nationwide elections in 2004, her mother said that something in her eyes had changed. “She actually told me, you’re not my little girl anymore.” READ MORE


Photo taken by Steven Solidarious.

Photo taken by Steven Solidarious.

A Wedding to Remember

Asha Hill and Valencia Walker had all the reason in the world to be the happiest couple to get hitched this year. The day was absolutely perfect – summertime-blue skies, a generous breeze paired with the lucent sun and most welcoming, pride flags proudly waving in between the rays of sunlight outside of San Francisco’s City Hall… READ MORE


Photography by Michael Thad Carter

Photography by Michael Thad Carter

All You Need Is Love

On a visit to Chicago in September 
2006, Consuelo Allen helped a friend prepare a special dinner party – a sort of early
 Thanksgiving feast. The one-time actor who
 had spent a good part of her adult life living and
 working in the Windy City always enjoyed these visits, surrounded by friends, good food and the fast-paced culture of the big city…READ MORE