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Peter Pan: one of the most beloved classic characters brings a lot of us back to our childhoods. In fact, for many, the children’s classic is a favorite. Tonight you can relive those childhood memories and watch Peter Pan live on Broadway from your own living room.

Unlike NBC’s last attempt at a live performance broadcast (The Sound of Music Live!) that didn’t go over well with many, Peter Pan Live! is not to be missed, as this production follows the historic trend of casting a woman as Peter Pan. In past musical productions spanning over decades, Peter Pan has been played women: Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, Cathy Rigby, among others. In NBC’s holiday musical, Allison Williams will resume the role of Peter Pan, a young, mischievous boy who never grows up and can fly.

Just as the casting decision has done in the past, Williams’s role sheds a light on something the LGBT community is familiar with: gender non-conformity. Casting decisions like this one is a breath of fresh air when it happens every now and again. It shows progress, that men and women aren’t always confined to the norm of gender roles. And for many queer-identified women and gender non-conforming people who look to television and pop culture for affirmation, this casting is comforting and moreover, inspiring. We hope to continue seeing moves like this one.

Burning Questions

Will Peter Pan Live! spark more gender non-conforming roles?


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Thursday, Dec 4

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