Pantry Raid


On-demand delicacies in the new-world

In the not-so-old days, groceries were groceries. The closest store and the cheapest prices were pretty much the most important considerations for families. In the brave new world, though, choice is king. And, of course, Austinites are pretty picky about what they put in their mouths. The best of the new world is running hand-in-hand with the best of the old, though, as fresh, local, sustainable, and specialty foods are increasingly available for delivery all over town.


Whole Foods Market Concierge

Personal shopping and food delivery? sure. Whole Foods market has had that in the bag for a while. But their concierge service is actually a bit jaw-dropping in its holistic approach to customer service, also offering a range of personalized efforts, such as food and product consultations, kitchen stocking, call-ahead curbside pickup, office break-room services, and a program for what they call “life events” gifts and delivery for new neighbors, sick family members, and those other times in life where a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a real long way. Downtown residents can avail of weekday bike deliveries. How very Austin., (512) 542-2243


Greenling Delivery

One of the undisputed big mamas of organic and local grocery delivery, Greenling is a standard setter, sort of an for food geeks. subscribers customize their weekly deliveries, choosing among items such as Pure luck goat cheese, richardson Farms pork belly, and a huge host of fresh produce from growers throughout texas and organic farms from texas and neighboring states. In addition to myriad edible choices, Greenling sweetens the deal with gift basket ordering, “best-of-the-week” deliveries that showcase amazing products, and a website teeming with useful and helpful information., (512) 440-8449


Farmhouse Delivery

Stephanie Scherzer and Elizabeth Winslow have built a business that caters to customers who love food as much as they do. not only does Farmhouse Deliv- ery offer free delivery of local eggs, dairy, meats, specialty groceries, and produce, scherzer herself creates a gorgeous little line of pickles, jams, jellies, and other tasty treats. they source their items from a 200-mile radius, ensuring a pretty tiny footprint, and food they can vouch for firsthand., (512) 529-8569


Royal Blue Grocery

Once upon a time, downtown austin became a ghost town at 5 o’clock, except, of course, for 6th street. not anymore. With thousands of downtown residents stacked on top of one another, Royal Blue Grocery and Beat the clock bike delivery have responded to their needs with a limited delivery area, supplying groceries, prepared foods, and even stuff for Fido and Fluffy., (512) 499-3993


Austin Grocer

Uh-oh. Darrin invited mcmann and tate’s biggest client over for dinner tomorrow night and you’ve got absolutely no time to shop? What’s an immortal house- wife to do? Forget the old jingly, nose-twitch spell-casting; Austin Grocer will shop your list for an hourly rate–at any Austin grocery store. Just like magic., (512) 369-2242