The Q Austin Hosts “New Year, New Queer: Body Image and Self-Esteem”


There’s a reason why “better health habits” peak at the top of so many New Year’s resolution lists. It’s quite simple: we care. When we’re not comfortable with what we see, it affects our everyday lives and some of us seek to make changes. We think action, changing our diets, exercising more, and possibly even resorting to extreme measures to achieve the look and the fulfillment we desire. But even with so much action in place – rigorous workouts, strict eating restrictions and more – some of us are still skipping an important step: engaging in the conversation surrounding body image and self-esteem. Understanding why and how body image and self-esteem issues affect us may help create the changes we want to see.

So, for the men in our LGBT community who have committed to action, but not so much dialogue, here’s a way to change that: join The Q Austin for “New Year, New Queer: Body Image and Self-Esteem.” The group dialogue features multimedia, reading materials, and group discussion focusing on the ideas of body image and self-esteem and how those views translate to our relationships with peers, romantic interests, families, friends and more. The event is a part of The Q’s group The Whole Package, which features discussions with topic based groups biweekly. The Q also offers a variety of groups seeking to promote engagement and participation in the program.

Burning Question

In what ways has body image/self-esteem affected any of your relationships?


body, mind, dialogue, self-esteem, relationships


Tuesday, Jan. 13, 7-8 PM

The Q Austin, 2906 Medical Arts St.