Metro Scene


Traditionally, men have been known to keep the same look that they’ve had since college. If you take a look in your closet, you might notice the same clothes that you’ve had for years.  Just as women should update their wardrobes here and there, so should men. Granted, gay men certainly know how to look fabulous, but I have seen some out there who could use a little help. And with South By Southwest and summer on our tails, updating your look should make a hit on your list.

Here are a few trends to help update your look prior to a hot night on the town:

1. Slender-fitting jacket. This is a must-have! It’s a great look with creased arms and a playful cut. You can wear this year-round and it’s perfect for dressing up your casual look up.

2. Suspenders. Yes! They look hot, especially when worn with a basic white T-shirt and skinny jeans. If you have a more conservative look, wear a dressed-up ver- sion with your flat-front chinos and sneakers.

3. T-shirt with a cool graphic print. Graphic prints have been in trend for men for a few seasons now. Instead of buying mainstream designs, hit up Mercury Mens Fashion House for the coolest of the cool tees hot from New York City.

4. Skinny jeans. So you might think that you’re not right for the skinny jeans look, but think again. Even if you’re an outdoorsy kind of guy, you should have a pair. They add a touch of hip to your basic casual look.

5.Slim dress shirt. Just check out our model Mike – his shirt is a must with his slim jacket and skinny jeans. This look instantly takes 10 years off your age!

6.Scarves. With hipsters popularizing the “keffiyeh” (a traditional headdress of Arab men), scarves have become a staple in today’s trends. Wear them year- round. But with Texas’ hot climates, make sure you wear scarves that are made of cotton for breathability.

7.Sneakers. When all else fails, you’ve got to have your sneaks! Pick up a pair of the John Varvatos for Converse sneakers. Mix them up with your everyday jeans or dress down your work attire, but make sure you take off your suit jacket if wearing a suit.

8.Color. Splash up any outfit with color. Orange and beige hues of fresh marmalade and almond biscotti add pops of color to your solid black outfit. Or try pairing these colors with any stripe or check pattern to pump up your every- day attire. You’ll never go wrong in the metro scene with this one.

With these new additions, you’ll most definitely be the hit of the most exclusive summer parties and be the envy of every fashion victim at SXSW.