Meet Steph Smith


Steph Smith“Looking back on my career path, I really am amazed and very fortunate. I was able to connect and teach History and Civics to high school students struggling with behavioral and emotional obstacles. The Anthropologist in me was fascinated by how my students learned best and identified with various historical icons. Joan of Arc, Sitting Bull, Sandra Day O’Connor to name a few. Teaching taught me a lot about myself and my potential.

After a few years of teaching I decided to explore the massive nonprofit sector of Washington, DC. Still very much interested in education, I started working with a large trade association with the focus on education and development. From there I helped one of the nation’s largest capacity building organizations with marketing and membership campaigns. It was there at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement that I was given two golden nuggets of advice by my boss, an openly gay woman and the longest standing Executive Director at the organization. First, “work smarter not harder” and second, “remember that what makes each of us different is what makes each of us valuable.”

When I relocated to Austin in 2009 and started working with the State Bar of Texas this advice was just as helpful. I was tasked with educating folks of all walks of life, backgrounds, and socio-economic levels on the importance of having access to the legal system. From there I went to Project Transitions and was afforded the opportunity of creating more visibility for the organization and more awareness for HIV/AIDS.

Now with L Style G Style, I feel like Goldielocks and the Three Bears because finally things are just right. I look forward to helping Alisa and Lynn make more connections for L Style G Style and for our community…and beyond. I am also looking forward to getting to know our readers and our supporters.”