Meet Louie Minor. Gay, Latino, Combat Veteran.

Lynn Yeldell & Louie Minor

If you believe that a diverse background makes for a more compassionate servant, then Louie Minor brings many qualifications to the table. Born and raised in Belton, TX, Louie has a strong background in public service that started as a childhood dream of being a Sheriff. With this historic run for Congress, he is now set to shatter those dreams. Having started in law enforcement, Louie joined the National Guard where he served in Iraq with the Army. He continued this public service stateside in the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC. The common thread to all of these positions? In the military, you are never given the option to chose who you help.

As an openly gay, third generation Latino American, Louie knows all to well the “kitchen table” conversations that help overcome stereotypes and bring families together. His opponent, incumbent John Carter, could not be more diametrically opposite. A co-sponsor of the Texas DOMA legislation, Congressman Carter not only espouses but also promotes the “traditional values” aimed at limiting LGBT rights here in Texas as well as stripping away our access to benefits we can now have via marriage in another state such as New York, New Mexico and even Iowa.

His determination to serve is equally balanced with his ability to have real, open and honest conversations. Growing up as a gay, Latino man in rural Texas proved challenging and like many, Louie struggled with his identity. Striving to follow the traditional path he learned of starting a family, Louie married his high school girlfriend and they had a daughter together. Although the marriage didn’t last, the relationship did and they continue to remain in each other’s lives.