Meet Cody Butler and Joey Trombetta, the Fitness Editors


Local fitness experts and wellness gurus Cody Butler and Joey Trombetta will share their wealth of fitness, health and wellness knowledge in their online column, Fitness.

Founder and creator of H.E.A.T. bootcamp, Cody Butler brings a distinct training program to the Austin community by incorporating dynamic fitness training, while also promoting psychological wellness. Butler holds a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification and master’s degree in counseling which provides valuable experience that is unique to the world of fitness.

As a personal trainer for over seven years, Butler has worked with individuals from all fitness levels and backgrounds. Once he completed his master’s degree at Texas State, he realized a degree in counseling is the essential piece to being a great trainer. Butler believes it is evident that the mind-body connection is crucial in the training process. While movement, exercise and healthy eating lead to physical progression, the core of making a lifestyle change comes when one recognizes the reasons behind denying a healthy body.


As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, Joey Trombetta understands that a solid nutritional foundation is the key to success when it comes to changing our bodies. But Trombetta also understands his clients are exposed to less than perfect conditions, whether it’s going out to eat, attending a wedding, or a hectic work schedule. He advocates a “real world” approach to health and wellness by doing your absolute best. He believes fitness is a journey, not a destination, so there will always be bumps in the road.

Trombetta refers to his training style as “cardio with weights.” While it is important to burn calories, he feels many exercise fads do not incorporate a key piece to the fitness puzzle—strength training. Trombetta says in order to change, the body’s muscles must be challenged, and that means lifting some weights. Trombetta structures his training sessions to focus on functional strength training with limited rest, in order to keep the heart rate high and maximize his clients time. He believes core training is essential for any fitness level, so Trombetta utilizes a lot of body weight movements in his training. Get ready to do some pushups! When Trombetta is not “cracking the whip,” he enjoys spending time acting like a little kid with his son Anthony, playing the guitar (poorly), and traveling with his beautiful wife.