Calling All Readers: Lone Star LesFic Festival


One thing you quickly learn while living in Austin is that there’s a festival for almost everything. We celebrate food, wine, music, film, gaming – you name it, there’s probably a festival for it or one in the making. But that’s one of the unique things about Austin that keeps people coming – the city’s celebratory spirit. This weekend’s no different than the last few weekend. Austin will host yet another amazing festival and we’re pretty excited about this one.

This Saturday, the Lonestar Lesfic Fest will go into it’s seventh year celebrating lesbian fiction, the literary works of women that exhibit honest portrayals of the historical, cultural, political and interpersonal experiences of lesbians. Hosted by the Lone Star Literary Society of Austin, the festival features book signing, author readings, panel discussions, giveaways and more. A reader-hosted and reader-focused event, the festival creates a space for fans, authors, editors, and publishers of lesbian fiction to interact and also, support the literary works of the lesbian community. Last year’s lineup boasted 20 authors – we’re thrilled to see what talent this year’s Lone Star Lesfic Festival brings.

Burning Question

Which lesbian author would you like to see at the Lone Star LesFic Festival?


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Lone Star Lesfic Festival

Norris Conference Center, Austin TX
04/11/2015 | All Day