Livening Up Your Look


While Austin is growing and developing, it’s only appropriate for your true lesbian style to be updated to stay ahead of the game. After all, who wants to look old and dated? It’s easy to be tuned out on the latest fashion trend because you’re so busy living, until one day you notice how your unimaginative clothes are dating you. And not in a good way. you’ve got your 1990s faded jeans with your vest that you bought from Salvation Army a decade ago. This is all part of growing older, so let’s face it head-on shall we?

In an effort to raise the bar for Austin lesbians and update all fellow lesbionics, the modern approach is to mix your unique personal style with new items that are in trend, not to be mistaken for fads, please! There’s a big difference between being a slave to the latest trends and being aware of them. You want the latter. Every season the trend forecasters present hundreds of trends, some girly girl some ridiculous, some androgynous. This is where it’s up to you to decide what works for YOU- your body, your personality, your lesbian lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at our lovely model, Lizz. Upon arrival at the photo site, by George, she noticed a pair of boots that I pulled for her to wear: a pair of very hot, latest trend Chloe motorcycle boots. At first glance, she did NOT approve and said these boots didn’t represent her style. Guess what. As soon as those boots were on her feet, she saw and felt the transformation – she instantly felt HAM (Hot Ass Mom) hot! And she was. She could wear this outfit to the office, and right on in to the night while still feeling absolutely fabulous.

To help you in your quest for style and trend updates, here are some things you can do to spice up your nightlife look, just in time for South By Southwest!

1. Pick up a hip piece of jewelry. This season, check out Philip Craggie’s fantastically tough yet feminine jewelry. A breathtaking piece of jewelry will definitely turn some lesbian heads.

2.You just have to find what’s right for you. Slip on some heels or rockin’ boots. You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. There are plenty of companies and designers that make comfortable shoes.

3. Buy a great new style of jean that fits your body type. P.S. Just say no to crack. Make sure your jeans fit your curves. Don’t be afraid to spend more than $100 on a great-fitting pair since they’ll be well worth the investment. Jeans are here to stay, but you need to update them with some styles that fit your changing body. Far too many women wear men’s jeans, jeans that are three sizes too big and mom jeans. Please, make a change!

4. Try a slimming vest. Vests are totally hot these days, and so is the androgynous look. Stylish vests are everywhere, but try to avoid the men’s style. You can wear look this in to the summer with your great white wife beater.

5.Scarves! Wear them year-round. Scarves can be inexpensive and stylishly cool. For the summer, find a sheer knit jersey style so that you don’t overheat.

6.Get a great haircut. Austin has many wonderfully talented hairstylists, so schedule an appointment for a new you. Updating your ‘do is just as important as updating your wardrobe.

7.We must, we must, we must boost our bust! Finding a bra that fits is key – get those girls resting halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. The look is not about letting them fly free. If you’re tiny, relish in that and do NOT throw on a silly push-up bra!

8.Mix your black with black. Whatever black tone it is, it’s OK.

Wherever you go during SXSW or out on the town, make sure you snazz up your look with one of these great trends.