Jarl Mohn in Austin


Jarl Mohn in AustinJarl Mohn has had an impressive career in both radio and digital media making him uniquely, if not overly qualified to take the helm as President and CEO of NPR. This thriving entrepreneur could easily retire and enjoy leisurely scheduled days. But that wouldn’t suit this perpetual thinker and creator of E! Entertainment Television and former EVP and GM of MTV and VH1.

Breathing life and vitality into public radio is clearly a passion and one that keeps him on the road at least four days a week. Which is what brought him to Austin to address the Leadership Circle members of KUT and KUTX. Sage advice given by Mohn? You want to make a difference in your community? Ask GM and Director Stewart Vanderwilt what you can do to help him do his job better. We did by joining the Business Circle and are now encouraging our peers to do the same. Step up. Give back. Spread the word.




Story by Lynn Yeldell
Photos by Lynn Yeldell
L Style G Style – Storyteller of the Austin LBGT Community.



Lynn and her partner, Alisa, co-founded L Style G Style. She is a New Orleans native, passionate traveler, connector and investor. As the first female Student Body President at the University of Alabama, she loves politics and SEC football with equal fervor.