Hint, Hint, Lynn


PH Design Shop in Houston is a designer’s heaven. Part stationery store, part custom design studio, this little gem on Rice Blvd. is the perfect place to shop for a design geek like myself.

Makr Goods Flap Wallet
A simple and beautiful piece. Plus, I love the smell of leather. $120

Delfonics Wood ball pen
Rainbow of fruit flavors, love! $10

Postal Co. notebook
The perfect addition to my out-of-control collection of paper pads. $18

Lip Balm
Lip balm reminds me of being a kid and this one is too cute. $7

Three Sheets to the Wind Flask
A portable solution for my favorite tequilas. $28

Gabriella Artigas stick necklace
Something to remind me of all the times we’ve walked the beach looking for driftwood. $90

Great Plains soap dish
Because you can never have enough things to hold other things. $18

Eclipse Brass bottle opener
Look classy, not trashy, when you pop that top! $46

Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch
Clutch, wallet or pencil pouch? I don’t care, that’s a badass zipper. $156