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Comics are cherished pieces of our childhood memories that we don’t easily forget. Many may remember the first time they picked up a copy of The Amazing Spider-man or Fantastic Four. But imagine picking up a comic laced with themes you don’t see too often in the comic book world, like a LGBT-themed series. Changing the game of comics and the characters in them is the mission of Gaysar Comics. While there has been mainstream comics spotlighting LGBT characters, such as Marvel’s Young Avengers which features LGBT characters like Wiccan, a high profile gay superhero, Gaysar takes the concept a step further, celebrating diversity in many ways.

Gaysar's debut issue 'The Cure'

Gaysar’s debut issue ‘The Cure’

The LGBTQ heroes featured in the Gaysar comics all illustrate current issues that members of the LGBT community face day to day: Dr. Neveah is a transgender scientist who can transform herself into anyone she comes in contact with and represents transgender awareness and acceptance, Eron is the HIV positive Leather Latino hero whose brain gives him the power to do the unexplainable as he searches for a cure for HIV. Queen Izar is an ancient alien scientist who entertains as a drag queen and stands for love, rights and equality. The comic also includes Kian the Irish Bear Hero, Jaseri the African Lesbian Hero, and Nami the Asian Twink Hero.

Gaysar prides itself on showing that their comic book stands for equal rights and that anyone from any walk of life can be a hero. Like all other comics, Gaysar is meant to entertain, but the comic company also describes itself as “a company fighting for gay rights in an artistic way.” The first issue of the Gaysar comic series titled “The Cure” will be released this Thursday in digital form and print form.

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