Freshen Up


Your mouth will never know you didn't cook

Choices for takeaway and delivery food, traditionally, haven’t strayed much farther than greasy, gooey pizza (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a sack of soggy tacos, and the all-too-often MSG-laden Chinese takeout. In an increasingly plug-and-play world, though, an entrepreneurial vanguard of epicurean vendors has moved fast to fill the space created by people who are too busy to cook but think that what they choose to put in their bodies is a pretty big deal. Haunted by the often-repetitive slim pickings and dietary doldrums in which a narrower spectrum eating plan, such as vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free diets, can result? Several of the following featured companies have thought of that as well.

Dish A Licious

You are what you eat. So, if Dish A Licious brings a selection of its good-karma groceries made from nurtured ingredients to your house, you must be pretty darn local and highly regarded. German potato salad with Fireman’s 4 mustard. Richardson Farms balsamic glazed meatloaf. Full Quiver macaroni and cheese. Those are just a few of the items to choose from on a sample weekly menu., 940-9662

My Fit Foods

The brainchild of Houston personal trainer and certified nutritionist Mario Mendias, My Fit Foods features preservative-free, never-frozen foods designed for maximum nutrition. Mario’s Marine corps Mash, a combination of 98% fat-free beef, kidney beans, quinoa, Smart Balance cheese and spices, is a perfect example of the kind of we-mean-business recipes engineered to help customers reach their best bad-ass potential. Four locations in the capital city offer convenient pickup and delivery options., 323-2738


Simply Fit Meals

Founded in 2010, Simply Fit Meals may be a new kid on the block, but they’ve clearly got the right stuff. Dreamed up by two far-flung college roommates who reunited, ditched their careers, and dug in to a project embracing their passion for food and fitness, Simply Fit offers free delivery for customers lucky enough to live a mile from their store or maintain a minimum account size. Check out their revolving website menu with choices including spaghetti and bison meatballs, Camp Gladiator Power Pancakes, and cinnamon French toast., 473-8300


Snap Kitchen

Oh, snap, gurl! Snap Kitchen’s triangle and 6th and Lamar locations are all about bringing you some delicious, nutritious foods sourced as close to home as possible, like Texas grass-fed tenderloin hash, truffled quinoa faux mac and cheese, and sushi-grade tuna salad nicoise. Out and about? Stop in and investigate what’s good, or call ahead for curbside pickup. What’s the snappiest things about Snap Kitchen? Hard to say, although the pop-up nutrition information on their website is pretty awesome., 459-9000


Mel’s Meals

Lean meats, tons of veggies, a whole-grains-only policy and a no-sugar philosophy make Mel’s Meals an easy choice for anyone looking to eat healthier. Scrumptious menu items like the always fun-to-say chicken frittata, tropical Hawaiian pork tacos, hearty kale and roasted beet salad, and sweet protein peanut butter balls make choosing which items to order, well, not so easy. order before noon for available next-day delivery., 428-5007


Honorable Mentions

A few more purveyors that bring home the goodies:

ATE, 300-4252

Good Eating Austin, (772) 486-0333

The Studio Kitchen, 861-0034