Freeze! Local Popsicles the New, Hot Thing


Oh, Texas. Why can’t you even pretend like we’re going to get some winter weather? How great would it be if we could all snuggle up in our ugly holiday sweaters and eat big, honkin’ turduckens and and go a-wassailing and throw snowballs at each other? Pretty dang great. But it’s not going to happen.

But that’s ok, because it’s pretty much warm enough to eat my favorite popsicles, GoodPop, without feeling particularly weird about it. Here’s how it goes: I pretend like I’m snowed in by pulling all my curtains shut, blasting the air conditioning, and powering up the XBox. Then, I call my favorite lazy-person delivery service, Couch Potato, and order me up some popsicles.

20 minutes later, a nice young lady appears at my door with a bag full of popsicles, Topo Chico, brownie mix (mmhmm you know what I’m talking about), and a box of wine. After about three hours of popsicle gluttony, playing video games, and a Downton Abbey marathon, it’s either time to pass out drunk or write this column.

The popsicles from GoodPop aren’t predictable, two-dimensional, sugary fare. Flavors like hibiscus mint are lightly sweet and super-bright. Or, opt for cinnamon-laced frozen banana covered in chocolate. Pineapple basil is sweet and fun, while tamarindo chile gives light sweetness a kick in the pants. The list goes on and on, but the important thing to know is that GoodPop flavors are interesting, innovative, and a 100% safe way to put something unfamiliar and tantalizing in your mouth.