Festival Fashion


What to wear, what to wear to the hottest and fastest-growing festival in Austin, Texas? What to buy or what to create for your latest digs out in the sun? What to wear in the blazing heat and windstorm that traditionally takes places at the Austin City Limits Music Festival? The idea of dressing up randomly at a festival, mixing items that you wouldn’t normally wear together because of the extreme conditions, is the cornerstone of festival fashion. So, what’s your festival fashion?

Gym-style shorts from the ’80s? Not your style? What about flower-power rings? Anyone? No? How about Jessica Simpson-inspired cowboy hats, vintage T-shirts, and cut- off denim or chino shorts? These are just some of the eclectic fashion offerings that will soon be clogging up Barton Springs Road in route to the festival.

Clearly, when you have thousands of festival fans inspired by a wide range of music that reads like a mix master’s iPod wish list, it’s a fashion factory of senses and styles that sparks ripple effects both locally and globally. Whatever dance you jive to, some essential fashion themes to keep in mind for ACL fest this year include:

>  Bright-colored shorts paired with tube tops in purples, reds, oranges and greens.

>  Preppy plaid shorts with pockets paired with punk accessories, studded belts, tank tops, boots or Converse sneaks.

>  Terry-cloth short shorts in white, blue or aqua, like the old-school OP look.

>  Tube-top dresses in bright colors paired with cowboy boots or ankle boots.

>  Leggings under an oversized white T-shirt with a wide belt.

>  Aviator sunglasses, white-framed sunglasses or large plastic frames in various bright colors.

>  Onesies and jumpers in solid colors like blue or white and made of terry cloth – a very cool sum- mer trend.

>  Long shirts or short dresses over cut-off jeans.

>  Updated belt bags – not your run-down fanny pack, people! Check out model Camille, rockin’ it with a military-style belt bag from Topshop UK. Topshop’s not available around these parts, butGucci’s got one for you!

>Bubble-bottom shorts, jumpers and dresses –
yes the diaper look is not quite “so last season,”
and the trend will continue in to the fall.

>  Striped shirts, striped dresses, pirate bandanas.

>  Tight denim/stove-pipe jeans that have been cutoff just below the knees.

>  Wide, colorful, early ’90s stripes in polo shirts, off-the-shoulder “Flashdance” shirts, skirts, dresses and terry short shorts.


You get the picture.
And for the love of the fashion gods – make it fun!