Family. Faith. Freedom.


In past years, Equality Texas has been known to organize Lobby Day at the State Capitol. The day would be dedicated to visiting members of the State Legislature to press elected officials on issues important to the LGBT community. But this year, things will be slightly different – Equality Texas will now hold three advocacy days focusing on 3 themes specific to the LGBT community and LGBT issues: Faith, Family and Freedom.

Starting next Tuesday, join Equality Texas in creating a more diverse presence at the State Capitol to inspire change. The three-day advocacy starts with “Faith Advocacy Day,” in which LGBT Texans and allies of Faith gather at the capitol to share their stories of how Faith has influenced support for the LGBT community. In March, “Family Advocacy Day” will follow, celebrating LGBT families and focusing on the effects of anti-LGBT laws. “Freedom Advocacy Day” will be held in April, providing opportunities to share how anti-LGBT laws obstruct the freedoms of LGBT Texans.

Equality Texas Executive Director Chuck Smith says, “Three dates means Texans have a chance to pick a date that works best for them. And by focusing on a specific theme, the overall impact of each event should be profound.” He adds, “The different themes simply give us different lenses to tell different stories.”

Burning Question

What impact do you think three days of advocacy will have on the LGBT community?


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“Faith Advocacy Day” Tuesday, Feb. 17

“Family Advocacy Day” Monday, March 23

“Freedom Advocacy Day” Monday, April 13

$5 Registration Fee

*All three events will begin with an early-morning training at the First United Methodist Church of Austin, near the State Capitol before continuing to the Capitol itself.