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Cameron Carpenter is the “maverick organist” who has people talking.The Los Angeles Times refers to him as “one of the rare musicians who changes the game of his instrument,” and “a smasher of cultural and classical music taboos.” He’s the master of the organ – blending modern-day and classical elements of music, bringing his unique techniques to center stage, and leaving audiences stunned by his masterful showmanship and virtuosity. And now, you can catch him at the McCullough Theater this Thursday performing on his visionary new International Touring Organ.

The first organist nominated for a Grammy for a solo album, Carpenter is a composer-performer who will change your view of the traditional organist you know from Sunday mornings. Fusing elements of pop with jazz and classical music, with inspirations from J.S. Bach to Cesar Franck, Carpenter, who identifies as queer, experiments with organ conventions, but dramatically spices up his works with a flavor of his own, making him one of the most diverse and innovative keyboardist/organist of this generation.

Burning Question

Have you ever heard organ music outside of church?


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Thursday, Nov. 13, 7 pm

McCullough Theater


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