Back-to-Basics Superfoods


Goji berry, açaí, noni berry, raw bee pollen; if you’re worried about a shortage of so-called miracle foods, don’t fret. Plenty of companies are making plenty of claims about the sometimes unbelievable restorative powers of their exotic products. Closer to home, some Central Texas more traditional superfoods might be worth looking into. “Studies are showing that significant nutrients are formed during the ripening process, while the produce is still on the vine,” Greenling founder Mason Arnold said. “Fresh produce contains enzymes that help us absorb nu- trients, so they’ll pack more of a nutrient dense punch than the exotic superfoods, which are typically dried and processed.” Here are a few of our favorite superfoods that don’t require a passport to source.


These little gems have been shown to protect human brains from oxidization. Note: We’re talking about oxidization protection, here. Pop a pint of these while watching one of those Housewives shows and you’ll still probably come out a little less intelligent.

Collard Greens

Everything’s better with bacon, but collard greens offer a hefty punch of vitamin C and a boat- load of fiber. See? Rationaliza- tion is easy.


Capsaicinoid compounds may not sound very sexy, but are believed to help maintain the fight against can- cer, inflammation, and pain. Plus, without jalapenos, it ain’t Frito pie.


The Master Cleanse is so 1987. In addition to their dramatic, deep-red coloring, the phytonutrients in beets appear to have incredibly high detoxifying properties.


Not convinced kale is a superfood? When’s the last time a can of Prin- gles helped repair your DNA? Flavor ‘em with sea salt and olive oil, bake ‘em off and enjoy a batch of kale chips instead.