Angela Briones

Angela Briones
A native South Austinite, Angela has also lived in New York City and considers it to be to “home,” as well. She is a foodie, blogger, and budding screenwriter and editor, whose ultimate passion in life is a career in television and writing. She has been an avid reader and follower of L Style G Style since its first issue and is thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring group.


It’s an election year and the issue of same-sex marriage looms large. Yet just as pro-equality groups, such as Freedom to Marry, rally for...


Imagine a world that reflects a non-traditional norm—where an entirely new representation of “family” symbolizes the current differences found in modern-day families—and you would...


Heidi Bloch and Zoe King make a long-lasting relationship look easy. I met with them a few days before they departed for Indian Wells,...

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