Another Slam Dunk for Brittney Griner


There’s no doubt that Brittney Griner has been a very busy woman. In the midst of playing overseas in China, dominating women’s basketball on the homefront with Phoenix Mercury, and continuously racking up accolades for her outstanding performance as arguably one of the WNBA’s best centers of all time, Griner has impressed us again with her newest power move.

It Books has backed Griner in releasing her memoir, In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court. The book dives into Brittney Griner’s personal life, how she overcame bullying, stereotypes, and broke through boundaries as one of the most famous basketball players in women’s basketball history and an enthusiastic member and supporter of the LGBT community. Griner shares her story of breaking into her own skin, touching on her lifestyle, her coming-out, and some of the most painful as well as rewarding times of her life.

The three-time All American phenom delivers a heartfelt memoir that both highlights and celebrates Griner’s uniqueness, lifestyle, and story of triumph both on and off the basketball court. In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court is out in stores now.