3 of Cups and The Sanctuary Event Space


and all heart.

With last year’s Supreme Court ruling, same-sex couples across the nation now have access to marriage equality. But that ruling did not ensure that all wedding service providers would be willing or open to this new way segment of business. Even in our little bubble of Austin, by default or design, the concept of a same-sex wedding ceremony continues to confound. Enter 3 of Cups.

Seasoned event producers and designers, Jessica Ryan with 3 Of Cups Weddings + Events and Coley Jackson with 3 Of Cups Design + Florals, watched with tears flowing down their cheeks as the Supreme Court ruling opened the access to marriage for all. Anchored in the beauty and serenity of the Sanctuary Event Space of the Amala Foundation, 3 of Cups founded by the pair had already established itself as the “conscious” place to have a celebrational events and weddings as all proceeds from the event space rental go directly back to support the youth programs of the Amala Foundation. Jessica is also the Director of Events at The Sanctuary Event Space, so throwing same-sex weddings here was just a matter of access to rights and time.

But when the phone did begin to ring, the pair were motivated by the inevitable exchange that typically followed. They called it “the dark side to the light side.” The conversations almost always started, “we are a same-sex couple looking to get married. Is that ok?”

It was more than ok. True to the Tarot card that they used to communicate their name and approach, 3 of Cups “symbolizes the gathering of family and loved ones, celebrating in the highest of spirits with every cup overfloweth with good will.” 3 of Cups works with the classic to alternative and non-traditional clientele. Much like the Sanctuary is a Safe Place for OutYouth, the pair knew they needed to be that same safe space for same-sex weddings.

Next month, in collaboration with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, LGBTweddings.com and other LGBT-friendly event professionals, 3 of Cups will help produce “The Wildflower Winter Open House.” Join the Jess & Coley, as they help elevate the conversation in ensuring more Austin businesses say “I do” to marriage equality.



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