Now Now Oh Now

    Now Now Oh Now

    12/12/2015 | Saturday | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    The Off Center
    2211 Hidalgo Street
    Austin,Texas 78702

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    Nationally acclaimed theatre company, Rude Mechs, presents the Austin premiere of NOW NOW OH NOW is performed for an intimate audience of 30 people, so there will be multiple showings of the performance each night. The audience experience is roaming so we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and consider leaving big purses and bags at home.

    Fridays and Saturdays there are also 10:00PM shows. The performance lasts about one hour.

    Inspired by evolutionary biology, the Brontës, and LARP** communities, Now Now Oh Now immerses the participants in an interactive puzzle reflecting on the challenges of navigating a world driven by competition, pleasure and random events. A triptych tribute to everyone’s inner geek, Now Now Oh Now embodies Rude Mechs’ desire to create a more tangible, social, active, and personal experience for the audience. The performance marries serious scientific content with the nerdy pleasure of puzzles and gaming and the undeniable satisfaction of Murder Mystery Theatre. This intimate evening takes a locked room puzzle, a lecture on evolutionary biology, and the world’s weirdest night of Dungeons and Dragons and weaves them all together to paint a picture of how choice and chance impact our lives, and shape the world around us.

    Guiding 30 random people through such an exercise might be a fool’s errand, but Rude Mechs’ assured performance, technical flair and idiosyncratic storytelling made it seem worth reaching for.” – Jason Morningstar Indy Week Review of Sept 2014 tour to Duke University

    By choice and by chance, I had gone out on a dark and stormy night, followed the clues, and found a gathering of the Choose Beauty Clan. What a game, this artful life!” – Kate Dobbs Ariail, CVNC Review of Sept 2014 tour to Duke University

    “The Rude Mechs’ latest show is a mind-blowing roll of the die.” – Elizabeth Cobbe, Austin Chronicle Review of May 2012 production

    “…utterly engaging and a wonder unto itself .” –Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman Review of May 2012 production