Fixing Timon of Athens

    Fixing Timon of Athens

    02/27/2016 | Saturday | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    The Off Center
    2211 Hidalgo Street
    Austin,Texas 78702

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    by William Shakespeare

    fixed by Kirk Lynn

    directed by Madge Darlington

    Nationally acclaimed theatre company Rude Mechs is proud to present the world premiere of Fixing Timon of Athens.

    It’s pretty simple. Timon starts out super rich and super positive and super popular, but his frivolous generosity takes its toll. After getting even with the people he feels betrayed him, he wanders off into the woods, super poor and super pissed off… finds more gold, then dies alone. Also there’s a warrior that is in some kind of trouble with the Senate.

    Warning: Lots of “F” bombs.

    Fixing Timon of Athens